Turkish Journal of Science (TJOS) is a scientific journal devoted to the principle of single-blinded peer-reviewed. TJOS focuses on the new ideas of researchers, original research articles with the potential to bring innovation to science, and innovative studies that will contribute to applied sciences, covering all branches of mathematics. The journal has determined its open access policy and publishes issues regularly in April-September and December. TJOS, whose publication language is English, attaches importance to the fact that the original research articles to be published have the potential to attract the attention of researchers and readers working in the field of mathematical sciences, and that they contain motivating ideas that will contribute to science at an intellectual level. With its distinguished and expert editors, TJOS conducts article evaluation and publication processes in line with transparent principles. As a result of these processes, quality and original articles are selected.

TJOS expects contributions from researchers for the submission of original research articles related to all branches of mathematics and some of the current topics that stand out among them.

Approximation theory, fractional calculus, applied functional analysis, linear algebra, discrete mathematics, combinatorics, control theory, financial mathematics, fuzzy sets and logic, game theory, graph theory, inverse problems, numerical analysis, ordinary and partial differential equations.