Aim & Scope

Turkish Journal of Science, which started its publication life in 2016 when it published its first issue, contributed to the scientific literature with high quality articles from the fields of natural and life sciences. TJOS, which has not compromised on quality in article evaluation and publication processes since its establishment, has increased its quality standards by constantly being renewed thanks to a sustainable improvement effort.
With the changes made in the editorial board, the aim and scope of the journal have been updated since 2020, and it has been decided to evaluate only original research articles covering mathematical sciences and sub-disciplines. Especially; Original research articles of researchers who will send publications to the journal, which have applications in fields such as natural and life sciences of mathematical sciences, mathematical biology, engineering sciences, economics, statistics and computer sciences, are meticulously evaluated. TJOS is open to the submission of articles by researchers working in mathematics and related fields from different countries of the world.


TJOS is rapidly approaching its goal of being a respected and effective scientific publication platform in the field of mathematics, as a result of the unique contributions of the members of the editorial board and the referees, who take part in the evaluation and publication processes of the articles submitted to the journal, related to the topics listed below.


* Applied Mathematics
* Analysis
* Algebra
* Geometry
* Topology
* Statistics
* Logic
* Mathematical Biology
* Finance Mathematics
* Mathematical Physics