Author Guidelines

Publishing Principles
Turkish Journal of Science evaluates original research articles that are appropriate in terms of purpose and scope.
In order for a submission to be evaluated in TJOS, it must first be suitable for the scope of the journal. In addition, the article should meet the expectations of the journal in terms of originality and novelty, and it should have the potential to make significant contributions to the field it is related to.

Manuscript Submission
Authors must prepare their submissions to the journal in English. The submission file must contain the names of the authors, corresponding author information, address information, e-mail addresses, and the ORCID numbers of the authors should be given as footer on the first page. If the submission is accepted as a result of the evaluation process, the responsible author is requested to send the source file of the article and additional files if necessary. Turkish Journal of Science does not demand article submission fee or article evaluation fee from authors.

The corresponding author is required to submit all necessary permissions for figures, tables, graphics or photographs previously published in print or electronically in the article accepted for publication in the Turkish Journal of Science, at the time of submitting the article. It is the responsibility of the responsible author to use the materials such as figures, tables, graphics or photographs in the article with the permission of the copyright holder and to clearly declare these permission documents. In cases where no notification is made, it is accepted that all information in the article belongs to the authors and the responsibility is assumed by the authors.

The title of the article should be determined as simply as possible, should be in a form that reflects the content of the article and should not contain symbols, formulas, abbreviations or special characters unless it is mandatory. Under the title, author names, address information and e-mail addresses should be included.

It is recommended that the abstract section should reflect the content of the article in the most effective way and should be prepared in such a way that it does not contain formulas, graphics, references, abbreviations and special characters.

It would be appropriate for the authors to choose 3-5 words or phrases that are most suitable for the content of the study while determining the keywords. Keywords should be chosen meticulously in terms of documentation of the article in databases and being easily accessible by researchers.

The authors should not use more subheadings than secondary subheadings in the article content.

Abbreviations should not be used in the title and abstract, and the abbreviation should be defined in the first place in the text. Using abbreviations in the same way throughout the entire text and being as clear as possible affects the readability of the article.

In the Acknowledgments section, people, institutions and sponsors who contributed or provided support during the preparation of the article, revision steps and acceptance phase should be thanked by clearly stating their contributions. The Acknowledgments section should be just before the welder and project numbers should be specified if necessary.

Submission Preparation Checklist
It is important for the authors to carefully follow the steps below during the submission process, in terms of processing the submission and initiating the evaluation processes.
1- The study should not have been published in any scientific platform before and should not be in the process of evaluation in another journal at the same time. If there is any necessary explanation of the work, it should be stated in the Comments to the editor section.
2- Make sure that the submission complies with the format determined by the journal and is prepared with the help of Latex. Click here to download the template.
3- It is obligatory for the responsible author to upload the signed copyright transfer form. Click here to download the copyright agreement form.

Copyright Notice
In the event that the article is accepted and published at the end of the evaluation processes, all copyright and publication rights of the article are deemed to be transferred to the Turkish Journal of Science as of the date of signing the copyright transfer form.

Privacy Statement
Names, e-mail addresses and other information entered in the journal's website within the scope of membership to the journal, article submission, refereeing procedures, editorial board activities and other transactions are kept in line with the principles of personal data protection. Besides, this information cannot be used for any other purpose. This information is not shared with third parties.